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About Us

The  “Józef Tischner Institute” was founded by his pupils and friends for the purpose of preserving and spreading knowledge about the works of Father Józef Tischner and in continuing research and development about the most important aspects of his philosophy.
Father Józef  Tischner was a prolific author of philosophical, literary, religious and popular writings. One of the main activities of the Institute will be maintaining an archive of these works in all the media that he worked in.
The Institute will initiate research, seminars and other studies in order to support students working on Tischner’s opus. It will also fund scholarships for outstanding researchers into his works.
The founders of the Institute want to popularise the thought of Father Tischner through publishing various works and through an ongoing series of lectures for young people. They hope that, through their initiatives, Father Józef Tischner will continue to “furnish the minds” of coming generations.

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