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Thinking in Values (Nr 3)

The Tischner Institute Journal of Philosophy (No. 3)
Dialogue and Encounter (2011)
“The other is the beginning of thinking. Nothing gives rise to thought as much as the other,” Tischner said (Cf. Spotkanie. Z ks. Józefem Tischnerem rozmawia Anna Karoń-Ostrowska [Encounter. Anna Karoń-Ostrowska in Conversation with Father Józef Tischner]). This forthright statement suffices to make one consider the role that the concept of the other has played in philosophy. In studying Tischner’s philosophical writings, we soon discover that the notions of the other, the encounter, and dialogue are present throughout his work. Hence the topic of this year’s Thinking in Values.

The “Focus on Tischner” section offers two articles, the first of which introduces the reader to the concept of the other in Tischner’s philosophical anthropology, while the latter, “Man Within Metaphors” — its scope going far beyond this year’s topic — provides a new understanding of the metaphor in Tischner’s philosophy. In the “Tischner on Dialogue and Encounter” section we present texts by Tischner himself, whereas “On Dialogue and Encounter” contains articles written specifically for our journal that not only comment upon his thought but successfully endeavor to develop it. Thus they prove that the issues of encounter and dialogue with the other are timely and far-reaching philosophical problems, and that Tischner’s distinctive thought still serves as inspiration for further inquiry.

In the last section, “Tischner Institute Recommends,” we are highlighting Zbigniew Stawrowski’s book Natural Law and Political Order. These excerpts focus on Plato’s thinking on human nature, law, and community.

Can one be brought closer to an experience through reading about it? This is a philosophical question in itself. And yet, dialogue and the encounter with the other are fundamental human experiences, and reading is tied to thinking, which imperceptibly brings us nearer to experience. Thus, we allow ourselves to nourish the hope that, with these texts, that which is essential will be more within our reach.


I. FOCUS on tischner

"The Place of the Other in Józef Tischner’s Philosophical Anthropology" by Marek Drwięga
"Man Within Metaphors" by Dobrosław Kot


"Phenomenology of the Encounter"
"The Offroads of Encounters"
"A Response to a Question, or: Reciprocity"
"Evil in the Domain of Dialogue"
"The Axiological-I in Dialogue"


"In Search of the Dia-logical Sense of the Encounter" by Jacek Filek
"The Embodied Encounter: The Aporias of the Concept of the Encounter in Józef Tischner’s Philosophy" by Adam Workowski
"Dialogue or Monologue?" by Anna Karoń-Ostrowska
"Thinking in Dialogue" by Anna Fraś
"Vis-a-vis with the Absolute Thou?" by Piotr Sikora


"Natural Law and Political Order" by Zbigniew Stawrowski

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